Client: Fleech Media, LLC.
Website: Iconic.Today
Services: Design, Management, UX

Fonts & Branding

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Beautify the social web through the use of expertly crafted fonts and smooth transitions.

Socially Iconic is a set of commonly used social media icons that is built into a font. This font icons kit provides you a selection of simple and easy to use css styles that can easily integrate into a selection of templates and designs. Coded using LESS technology, you can easily customize the kit to take it ever further. It is lightweight and looks wonderful on retina devices.

Feature Rich

  1. 1

    Single Font & No Javascript

    In a single font, we include all custom built pictographic social media icons. Deal with less compatibility stress because Socially Iconic doesn't use Javascript.

  2. 2

    Pre-Processor & Scalability

    LESS is more. Customize to your hearts content with simple less file. Vector font + CSS means every icon and button looks great at any size.

  3. 3

    Retina Ready & Universal

    All icons and buttons are vector and CSS based and looks great on high-res. Designed and coded to work with all frameworks.

My Touch

I imagine that, like me, you say that you never have enough time and that you just cannot cope with 60 dozen things all at once. Why add social media icons to that list?

When it comes to designing, it can get tedious to create social icon styles over and over again for each project you work on. The idea for Socially Iconic was built from this idea in mind. For one of the client projects, I had to create six different versions of social icons set. That weekend, I decided to save myself some headache and create a all-in-one social icons bundle. I didn’t like the idea of using flattened PNGs, so I crafted a simple font using icons I created before. Finished the project and client was satisfied.

The company I worked for then saw the icons kit and asked if they could make it part of their software with an easy to use code. I put it up on Github and saw that there was a need for this kit. I later improved it quite extensively by adding dozen more styles and hundred more icons. Through the help of the wonderful folks over at Icons8 and Gravit, the latest build of Socially Iconic was born. It is now used by students and designers all over the world.