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For the love of Street Food!

Street Food Today is a community of folks who love to find and eat street food. From the front row performance to the delicious mouthwatering goodness, we love the entire process that is involved in making and the unique process of eating different types of street food throughout the world.


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    Join the Community

    Create flexible plans for your clients on a recurring basis. Set up as many plans as you need and begin growing your business.

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    Re-discover Your Culture

    Street Food Today is run by the community. All contents are gathered from variety of different websites and brought ot one location for your convenience. You can join the fun by adding your own video, recipe, reviews or even polls.

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    Access From Anywhere

    Street Food Today is completely responsive. Take it with you everywhere you go. If you discover a wonderful street food culture, add it to our community and see other's reaction to it.

My Touch

I love watching the chef at working making one of my favorite street food. In the United States, particularly in New York City, street food is not as big as it is else where in the world. You visit India or China, vendors are located on every corner. But it's a different story in western countries. Like with any meal, street foods come in different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. But it's uniqueness comes out with how it is prepared, locations they are sold, and how they are eaten. I wanted to share this experience with my friends but that required me to either email links or videos and was tedious. I created SFT to make it easier for me to share these videos, recipes and communicate with my friends and fellow street food enthusiasts.