Client: ATI, LLC.
Website: NursingCE.com
Services: Design, Front-End, UX

The go-to platform for renewing your nursing certifications

NursingCE.com is a brand of Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI Nursing Education), a leading provider of assessments and other digital solutions to nursing schools that is an accredited provider for continuing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

It's Feature Rich

NursingCE was built with many features and provides an incredible service. Take a look at their website to learn more about their product.
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    CE Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Earn all the accredited contact hours you need at your convenience with our open-book format.

  2. 2

    Unlimited Test Attempts

    Didn’t pass the test? No problem! Reset and apply what you’ve learned to succeed.

  3. 3

    Every CE Course, One Low Price

    Pay once for access to certificates from all of our CE courses, even new courses released during your membership.

An eye-catching use of colors and fonts

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Glacial Indifference


A complete education platform focused on nurses

UX from start to finish

For NursingCE, I was brought in as a contract User Experience Developer to lead their new branding and redesign. I worked with their product team to analyze usage data, research competitors and work with their internal team to craft the next generation of their platform.

- - - - -

Responsive landing and marketing page

A responsive and attracting marketing page acts as a powerful means of gaining new users. I worked with the NursingCE's marketing and usage data to create an effective landing page. Initially they presented with a few designs they liked and felt were effective. I sent them wireframes of their idea and a version of my own idea to give them variety.

My concept structured the information slightly differently, giving the user a highlight into the application and thoughts of other consumers. At the end, we moved forward with my concept and I created high-fidelity design and later coded it using the latest standard. Matt Ehrlich, the lead developer, later integrated it to their platform to start the process of an unified platform.

- - - - -

Flexible consumer-use educational portal

After the success of the landing page design, I was brought back to create the design for their consumer facing portal. NursingCE team wanted to continue with the single platform feel but wanted their consumer to easily identify what their education portal looked like.

After several concepts, we went with a wireframe that contained a dynamic sidebar. Though the sidebar was a little wider than most sites, this version allowed the user to navigate between the pages. The analytics the team collected from prior versions showed that the users were continuously going back to the previous page to find a different lesson. We wanted them to easily find that information and therefore presented it in the sidebar. The remainder of the layout was focused on providing the same content in a different view.