Client: Gravit GmbH
Website: Gravit.io
Services: Design, Management, UX

Fonts & Branding

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Antic Slab


The most complete design platform.

Gravit is the web’s most complete design platform. Create and share beautiful designs with the power, flexibility and speed of a free, lightweight and easy-to-use tool, right in your browser.

Feature Rich

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    Precision & Structure

    Unmatched precision in any unit (Pixels, MM, CM, etc.) from creation to exporting. Powerful pages with masters, real layers and symbols to structure your content.

  2. 2

    Vector & Layout

    Made for vector with non-destructive booleans, knife tool and path graphs. Powerful grids, anchors and auto-layouts made for pixel perfect screen designs.

  3. 3

    Style & Export

    Multiple fills/borders, effects and blending modes together with shared styles. Export high quality PDFs, SVGs and Images using slices and multiple assets.

My Touch

I started my work with Gravit as their Lead UX Designer but later moved on to fill the position of the Chief Product Officer. Working in with the marketing team, I conducted research into our users and our target users and crafted interfaces for our platform based on the results. Later I was promoted to the Chief Product Officer (CPO) position and took my contribution to the next level.

As the CPO, I was in charge of monitoring and managing the design and development team that were directly responsible for our core product. Furthermore, I had to work even more with the marketing team to monitor how our product was being viewed and we we presented ourself to our investors, to our possible clients and most importantly to our users.