Client: Fleech Media, LLC.
Website: bootadmin.org
Services: Design, UX, Dev

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Create beautiful webapps without the design work.

Bootstrap is currently one of the leading development tools in the market. It is used for quickly crafting UIs for applications, websites and more. BootAdmin was created to help extend Bootstrap for web application development. It provides and extends Bootstrap elements to suit the needs of an admin style layout. From mailbox, to calendar, to profile views, BootAdmin is your one stop shop for most common features you need to make a successful portal.

The BootAdmin framework comes with variety of styles, formats and sizes. It adapts to your responsive needs from mobiles phones to large screen desktops. It was created to be a free and opensource product where the community can help make it better. Already being used by thousands of users, it is one of the leading opensource Bootstrap based Admin theme out there.

My Touch

BootAdmin was my brainchild that came out of a need. I am constantly working on projects during my free time and needed something I can quickly modify and adapt to my needs without having to go through the hassle of custom creating one. It started off with just one style of layout, but later I expanded it to having boxed, stretched, top nav, side nav and hundreds of different combinations of style. It has gone from being me brainstorming ideas for it to getting feedback from the opensource community on improvements and features. I continue to improve on it and update it as I go along.