OLR Internet Data Exchange

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a voluntary and reciprocal process that allows participating firms and agents to display each others listings on their websites..

Client: On-Line Residential
Website: OLRIDX.com
Date: 05/31/2015
Services: Design, UX, Front-End


What Is IDX

If you’re just becoming a real estate agent, you may have a leg up on those who started their careers years ago because you work in an age where anyone can access listing information within seconds — all it takes is a few keystrokes and clicks. How is this possible? In short, through the policies and software jointly called Internet Data Exchange (IDX).

IDX is an umbrella term used to cover policies, standards, and software pertaining to the display of listing information on websites. Most importantly for agents and brokers, IDX is what enables members of a multiple listing service (MLS) to integrate real estate listings from the MLS database into their own websites.


Capture more leads from the web.


For IDX, I was the lead UX Developer. My primary responsibilities involved communicating with the design and development team to make sure they were on their task. Furthermore, I was responsible to completing any work that needed to be completed. Once the original concept was completed by the designer, it was my task to take it further by studying what was standard in the field and to give our own twist to the product. After many long meetings and hours of work, we crafted one of the leading IDX platform in New York City.

As an agent in New York City, you are constantly on the go. That is why OLR IDX was built to go with you. When you are with your client, simply pull out your tablet or mobile phone and show off your beautifully designed site.