BeeBack Build a Buzz!

BeeBack is a mobile app and web platform that allows small businesses to interact with consumers in a revolutionary new way!

Client: BeeBack LLC.
Date: Private Beta
Services: Design, Management, UX

For Rewards and Analytics

BeeBack is a combination of two products; a rewards + discovery mobile app, and a web tool for merchants. Our immersive app allows users to discover and redeem rewards through an interactive experience. Wondering what cafe to check out around you? Use our unique AR experience to find one, and then start the process of collecting virtual “stamps” on your rewards card!

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  1. 1

    Discover New Locations

    Create a new promotion on BeeBack for your customers. Send out push notifications or email to your customers.

  2. 2

    Add To Your Wallet

    Tell your customers to download the BeeBack app and start redeeming promotions you have set for them. App is Free!

  3. 3

    Start Getting Rewarded

    See which one of your promotion is performing the best. Get live data on who used a promotion or checked in to your establishment.


BeeBack lets you take back control of your business.

Image See why dozens of merchants pre-ordered     Learn More ↗

The Modern Approach

I am the co-founder of BeeBack. Along with my talented co-founders, we gathered some of the strongest tallents in New York city to help plan and build the digital era of rewards.

Our aim with beeback is simple, bring rewards to the ditial era and help small businesses have a fighting chance against bigger conglomerates. Not only does our merchant portal provide incredible insightful tools and analytics, we give merchants the ability to have all the information they need to focus on what makes local businesses great -- the human engagement.

Launch Rewards Program

Bring your establishment to the modern era by launching your own rewards program.

Monitor Performance

Stay in the loop by tracking incoming traffic, check-ins, claims and more with live data.

Send Deal Alerts

Get in touch with your customers directly by sending push alerts through the app or via email.

Create Merchant Page

Create your own merchant website for free. We update the page for you when you make changes.